Nursery Information

Green Wellie offers a weekly Spanish session for our older children with Santi on a Wednesday morning.  Staff coordinate music and movement sessions throughout the week, and we have Tadpole Tunes for all ages on a Tuesday afternoon.

We offer a healthy mid morning snack which includes fresh fruit and vegetables, toast, bread sticks and children have a choice of milk or water to drink.

Parents/carers provide their child’s main meal at lunch time, this can be heated by us as all staff are trained in food hygiene, or some parents prefer to send a cold lunch for their child.  We encourage parents to provide healthy options, and staff monitor that children have eaten their main before their dessert. By providing your own lunches you are in control of your child’s main dietary requirements.

We provide a healthy ‘high tea’ at 4.15pm for all children over the age of one, such as pasta, jacket potatoes with salad, beans or cheese.  Children help to make vegetable pizzas, flapjack and sandwiches for tea.  Children under one need to provide their own tea, to ensure that all foods have been tested previously for allergies at home prior to being offered at nursery.

Personal hygiene is strongly encouraged along with promoting good health and physical exercise. Fresh drinking water is available at all times.

Illnesses are inevitable, as young children like to share.   You will need to have alternative arrangements in place if your child has sickness and diarrhoea or a high temperature and you will need to follow our 48 hour policy before your child returns to nursery.  We can administer one dose of calpol for your child provided we have made contact with you to discuss their temperature and check they have not had calpol prior to coming to nursery. You will be contacted to collect your child if we feel they are not well enough to be at nursery.

We also become involved in the community, Vicar Barbara from Barrow Church visits us and Open The Book is a local village group who read us a weekly Bible story.  We encourage parents to share their faith with us and have a parent who regularly celebrates Diwali with us.We visit the mobile library, recycle at the recycling centre, visit the ducks, Post Office, school and park, which are all within walking distance in our village.

All Green Wellie policies including our risk assessments, safeguarding statement and operational plan are available for review in the main office.