Fees, Funding and Vouchers


Invoices are created and emailed monthly, we are competitive with our fee structure.  Please contact us for further information


We accept Universal 15 hours funding for  3 and 4 year olds and Extended funding for those who are eligible if they are accessing their universal funding with us.  We accept 15 hours funding for 2 year olds who meet the required criteria.

For further information on extended funding please contact the ‘Family Information Service’ on 0845 60 800 33

Childcare Vouchers

We accept company vouchers e.g edenred, computershare and sodexo these are the most popular vouchers however we  accept many others that are not listed.
As parents/carers you may be able to order childcare vouchers from your employers as part of your salary. By choosing to receive a proportion of your salary in childcare vouchers. This is because childcare vouchers are non-taxable and exempt from National Insurance Contributions, up to a limit of £243.00 per parent/carer per month. Ask your employer which voucher scheme they use.

Alternatively the Government has a Tax-Free Childcare scheme, which may allow you to receive £500 every 3 months (£2,000 a year) for each of your children to help with the costs of childcare. If you claim Tax-Free Childcare, the Government will currently pay £2 for every £8 you pay your childcare provider via an online account.

Which scheme you’re better off with depends on your situation. You are advised to research. You could also use the Government’s childcare calculator to work out which type of support is best for you.