Our Nursery

Our Nursery

Ofsted quote: Every member of staff is passionate about their work and they have very high expectations for the children in their care. A good balance of adult-led and child-initiated learning opportunities consistently offer sufficient challenge’.  

We offer morning sessions 8am – 1pm
Afternoon sessions 1pm – 6pm
Or full days 8am – 6pm, you may come and go as you please within your allocated sessions.

Every child has an on-line password protected Learning Journey, this is an individual compilation of your child’s time with us. It includes information on the Early Years Foundation Stage, an over view of children’s first five settling-in sessions, transitions between rooms, regular observations, photos, 6 monthly assessments, sections for parents/grandparents to add too, next steps for possible lines of direction and EYFS Trackers. Learning Journeys are yours to keep, cherish and develop, we really value your input.

Ofsted quote; ‘Accurate planning and development records show that all children, including those children with special educational needs and/or disabilities, make significant progress in relation to their starting points’.

We walk to village amenities in ratios above the norm and wear hi-visibility jackets. We visit places such as the park, duck pond, village shop, recycling, library bus and we watch the builders in the village.

We have a ‘listening’ walk to Barrow Primary School to  use their Forest Schools facility weekly with children in Great Inventor’s, we build dens, make bug shelters, climb trees, risk take and have lots of fun.

We produce an annual Christmas Play (all children over 18 months old) on the stage at the Village Hall for families, siblings, aunts, uncles and grandparents to watch.

We have ‘Mother’s Day / Grandmothers Afternoon Tea’ with cakes and scones, ‘Father’s /Grandparent’s Breakfast’ where you can sit and enjoy a bacon roll (or vegetarian option) with your child in their room (this is so popular we often get asked ‘same time next week by our daddies’!)

We have bi-annual parents’ evenings for all ages where parents are encouraged to come in and discuss their child ‘s progress and development with their key worker. We have additional parents’ evenings for school leavers and work closely with our feeder primary schools with transitions.

We hold a Graduation Evening for school leavers where families and grandparents are invited to listen to a summary of their time at Green Wellie and see children receive a certificate and Green Wellie bear for a keepsake.