Our Outside Areas

Our Outside areas:

We have two outside learning environments;

A quaint stone walled enclosed area known as our ‘Den’ and another area cordoned off safely to allow additional outside space when it is not used for drop offs and collections.  We have a covered barn called our ‘Literacy Lodge’ with a cosy reading area, table and chairs, painting easel, chalk board and games.

We have three resource rooms allowing us to change the environment inside and out frequently.

In the Den we have:

A construction area with

Gruffalo woods,

Bug hotel,

Beach hut, often a Post Office, house, Hospital

Sand pit and Dinosaur pit,

Mud kitchen,

Petrol station, tyres, traffic cones and cars,

Balancing beams, slides, sit on and rolling equipment

Artificial grassed area with gazebo,

The additional area has a large mud pit, sand pit, open space for obstacle races, trikes, bikes, pushchairs, water cascades with pipes, containers for vegetable and plant growing, bird tables cosy reading area, mark making area and self -selection resources.