Our rooms

You will see our rooms have age ranges; we are able to be flexible with our room numbers to accommodate children moving up in ratio according to ability, confidence, transitions, space and demand.

Our transitions ensure children already know the staff and new rooms and that they have spent time together.  Staff work in different rooms over lunchtimes to get to know all the children and we spend lots of time together outside so that the children become confident with us.

Little Discoverers – ages 6 months to two years:

There are 6 children in Little Discoverers with a staff ratio of 1:3. We arrange individual settling-in plans, where parents visit with children regularly for a month prior to their start date. Staff care and nurture children in a safe home from home environment. Your child’s key person will build strong partnerships with you and your child, we follow children’s individual routines and we are always available to have a ‘chat’ about your children.

Children are born ready, able and eager to learn, they form strong bonds, actively reaching out to interact with others and their environment. We develop that by comforting children and helping them to settle, offering a variety of stimulating activities such as looking at books together, having cuddles, learning finger rhymes, starting puzzles together, engaging in shape sorters and building towers.

We have a home corner, helping children to re-enact what they see at home, we use sand (dry & wet), water play (infused tea bag play is a favourite Little Discoverer’s activity), painting (body painting is a speciality and so much fun!) cooking (also helps us to develop our muscles, lots of stirring with wooden spoons), gloop, sticking, collage and play dough.  We build dens, have tunnels, climb on soft play, ride on toys, push along toys and lots of sound toys.

You can always hear children’s nursery rhymes in the background and see the love and attention that goes into making our under two’s room special.

Young Explorers – ages 2 to 3 years:

There are 8 children in Young Explorers, with a staff ratio of 1:4. During transitions the room can accommodate under two’s with a staff ratio of 1:3

We have just completed a ‘Twos Count Here’ initiative with Suffolk County Council. We really looked at what was available and how schemas  form such an important part of children’s development.

The nursery took part last year in Suffolk County Council’s ‘Twos Count’ Initiative where we looked at life in a nursery through the eyes of a two year old.  We focussed our research on Messy Play and how it aids children’s development particularly through schemas and the prime areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage. As a result of this we have introduced far more messy/experimental/ thought evoking activities not just in the 2 year olds room but throughout nursery including in our outside areas where we currently have a ‘Science Shack.

In Young Explorer’s we start to encourage social skills with children’s independence, sharing, turn taking, helping and how we start to make friends. Children start to show their likes, dislikes and feelings. We start to learn routines and boundaries.  We begin to recognise our names, photos and pegs.  We start to sit for self-registration, stories, songs and number rhymes and join together to sit for snacks and lunch.

We can freely paint, mark make, start to use scissors and gluing. We play in the ever evolving ‘home corner’ (often a vets surgery, hospital, office, baby room, a rocket, bug pond, cafe or a shop).We use real vegetables, sand, water, construction and play dough (a speciality in this room is nursery made basil seed moon dough!) we use shaving foam, gloop, make gel bags, coloured rice play, paint with our fingers, our feet, brushes, sponges,  toothbrushes, chopsticks and use many different types of mediums, then we post these in our post box (schema) we often make a picture and post it to ourselves when we walk  to the village post box.

Great Inventors – ages 3 years to school age:

We have up to 21 children between the two Great Inventor’s rooms, where the staff ratio is 1:8 for ages three + and 1:4 for older two year olds.

Whilst your child is in Great Inventors we start to prepare them for school through a variety of fun and stimulating learning experiences. We have fun ‘dress up’ days such as; Pirate Day (The Pirates visit nursery overnight and leave their half-eaten breakfast, fruit, muddy footprints, toothbrushes, gold and treasure map!) We have super hero days, book character days, prince and princess days, space themes and school uniform dress up days etc.

We continue to develop our numeric and literacy skills through our play; numbers, counting, more or less, sorting, patterns, matching, problem solving, lottos, puzzles, pre-reading and writing skills, mark making, letter formation, phonics, names, shape, space and measure, through constant adult led and child initiated planning.

We complete a ‘plenary’ after each session and write on the white board what we have learnt today with a ‘fact of day’ we try to remember.

We have lots of evolving areas of learning within Great Inventors, we are constantly changing areas to engage and inspire learning. We have construction areas (roads, building sites, foam and bricks to build) (the home corner is often a castle, hair dressers, hospital, café, restaurant) all with problem solving learning objectives.

Our personal, social and emotional development forever evolves , we are beginning to understanding the world around us, our communities and people within them, technology, expressive arts and design; being imaginative and exploring media.

We sit for longer during self-registration, we listen to a class story and learn about British Values at nursery.

British Values we help to instil; We are all special, We listen to each other, We help our friends, We know what is right, We know what is wrong, We learn that we are all different, We are kind and gentle; we don’t shout at others, we let others finish what they are saying, We follow nursery rules, We share and we take turns.

Ofsted quote ‘Children flourish as they play in exceptionally vibrant and inspiring playrooms. They also benefit from a stimulating and exciting learning environment outdoors. An abundance of quality resources capture children’s interest and effectively support them in their progress’.